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Isle of Wight Order of Druids

1. Introduction

2. Order Purpose

3. Order Ethics

4, Membership

5, Order Functions

6. Order Governance

7. Joining the Order

The Isle of Wight Order of Druids is a member of the Council of British Druid Orders.

The Isle of Wight Order of Druids

Introduction – The Isle of Wight is a small island off the south coast of England steeped in history and cultural heritage. Gifted with a temperate climate and rich soil, our ancestors have walked these lands and called them home for millenniums. While the traces of their presence are few with many now lost in the mists of time, the spiritual heart of the Isle they knew and celebrated is now being reawakened by the resurgence of Druidry on the Isle. This modern Druidry, in reviving the practice of the old ways and creating new traditions is once again celebrating and affirming our understanding of our place in the Natural World. It is now therefore timely to both recognise and give voice to this resurgence of Isle of Wight Druidry and to the Spirits of this magical Isle.

Order Purpose - The Wight Order of Druids is a regional Druid Order in England. While it may evolve into a Druid Teaching Order, the primary purpose of its formation is to encourage and support the practice and development of Druidry on the Isle of Wight and to provide a focus to collect and communicate the views of its members so that they may be taken into account by National and International bodies involved in formulating policy and practices which affect modern Druidry and the Natural World. The Order also provides a public point of contact for all those seeking information about Druidry, Druid resources and the Druid belief on the Isle of Wight.

Order ethics - Appreciating that Druidry is a highly diverse belief, the Order does not represent just one perception of Druidry but rather embraces all paths in the Druid belief.  But as Druids, we all have shared values and standards which the Order and its members abide by. The Order’s and member’s activities will always be directed by the Druid Vow. “We swear by Peace and Love to stand, heart to heart and hand in hand.”  The democratic right of self-expression must always be peaceful and governed by the Rule of Law. Equally the activities of the Order and its members will be governed by the following:

Inclusive and Empowering - respecting the individuality of each member and their views and respecting their right to discover and uphold what is true for their own self.

Nature-focussed - being aware that as humans we are just one small part of Nature and recognising that everything in the Natural World is of worth and is due reverence by the Order and its members.

Caring for the Earth and Caring for all Life – the Order’s and member’s focus is on promoting peace and being of service to all in the community of the Natural World; being aware of our ecological footprint and our responsibility as consumers to make ethical and conscious choices as best we can.

Contemporary - whilst drawing inspiration from the past, the Order and members recognise that as the World develops and changes, so we as Druids must also grow and evolve our spiritual practise to stay relevant to the needs of Druidry and all in the Community of the Natural World both today and tomorrow. As Druids we have a responsibility to apply the ethical insights we derive from our Druid belief to contemporary concerns including environmental and ecological issues, human rights and social issues and the many other national and international issues that are of rapidly increasing importance today.

Membership - Membership of the Order is open to all Druids who live on the Isle of Wight or its surrounding area.  Members of the Order may be involved in active Druid Groves, be solitary experienced practitioners or be those just starting their Druid practice. Equally, an active Grove on the Isle of Wight or immediate surrounding area may also apply for Grove affiliate membership of the Order.

Order functions - The Order will:

a. seek to encourage and support those in our region who are entering into our belief and those who are already practising Druidry.

b. advise on forming and running Groves.

c. advise on the various Druid Teaching Orders active in the UK.

d. advise of Druid celebrancy on the Isle of Wight.

e. Be an active member of and support the Council of British Druid Orders as the primary medium for communicating the views of Order members.

f. offer advice to those outside Druidry on the Druid belief and local Druid resources on the Isle of Wight.

Order Governance – In forming the Order, it is recognised that modern Druidry is adverse to hierarchy. For this reason, there is no current intention to appoint an “Archdruid” of the Order. The current ‘Head’ of the Order assumes that title for purely administrative and coordinating purposes. In due course, that position will be elected by members who will also decide any future title and role for the Head of the Order and any other formal positions in the Order deemed necessary.

Joining the Order – The Order on the internet is currently being hosted on the website of the Peaceful Earth Druid Grove (Isle of Wight) until an exclusive website is developed. Application to join the Order should be made via the “Contact Us” page at that website. Applications should confirm the applicant’s location as being the Isle of Wight or immediate surrounding area and provide a brief explanation of their current Druid practice. Applications will be considered by the Order and the applicant advised of the Order’s decision. Those who run Druid Groves on the Isle of Wight or immediate surrounding area may also apply for Grove affiliate membership of the Order in the same way. Those who have an interest in Druidry but have not yet started practicing the Druid belief are also welcome to contact the Order but will not be considered for membership until they decide to commit to Druidry and commence practicing that belief.

(Link for membership applications)