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 (This is a work in progress page) All the sheet music listed in Section 1 of this page is free to print for your private use. Use of the songs in Section 1 for performance in public or via CDs / Digital online download is subject to Earth Druid copyright. Please contact Earth Druid via the Contact Us page at this website for permission to perform any song listed in Section 1 of this page and any royalty payable.
 Section 1
Each song can be listened to via the "Play" button.
The Sheet Music for each song can be accessed for printing via the link under "Print Sheet Music".

Song   Play   Print Sheet Music
   Handfasting Blessing
   Song of Amergin
   Circle Dance
   Maypole Tree
   Three Wishes
   Dance the Circle
   A Blessing
   Who Raised the Stones?
   Song of Albion
   I am Strong
   Fly High
   Wight Wassail
(Note: To find Wight Wassail to play, please scroll down the link page. The song is close to the bottom.)
Section 2
Sheet music listed below will be subject to the originator's copyright. Printing of their sheet music and the performance of their songs will be subject to their rules.
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