Peaceful Earth Grove
A Druid gathering on the Isle of Wight
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At its core level, Druidry is a belief in the spirituality of the Natural World. From that core belief arise a wide diversity of beliefs and practice.
The Earthshine Grove based in the Chiltern Hills near Wendover beautifully expresses this belief in their website as:

"A Druid walks a personal path, deepening their connection with Nature, both the physical and spiritual aspects of world around us. For some this is a gentle awakening, a realisation of the connectedness of everything, a growing awareness of the effect mankind is having upon our planet, a discovery of the spirit in all things. Others may have a more dramatic realisation, an experience of the Awen, a total connection with the beauty and magnificence of the world around us."
Bluebells on the Isle of Wight - photo courtesy of Earth Woodcarver.
There are many excellent explanations of Druid belief on the net of which the link below is one, based on definitions at the Druid Network (See "Links" tab).