Peaceful Earth Grove
A Druid gathering on the Isle of Wight
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 Gathering dates for the Peaceful Earth Druid Grove, Isle of Wight

The Peaceful Earth Grove holds its gatherings on the nearest Sunday to the traditional festival date.
Date Festival
 17 December 2017
Alban Arthan - Winter Solstice
 28 January 2018 Imbolc
 18 March 2018 Alban Eiler - Spring (Vernal) Equinox
 29 April 2018
 17 June 2018 Alban Hefin - Summer Solstice
 29 July 2018 Lughnasadh
 23 September 2018
Alban Elfed - Autumnal Equinox
 28 October 2018 Samhuinn
 23 December 2018
Alban Arthan - Winter Solstice
Festival Description

A description of each Festival can be found at this link:

 Eightfold Wheel of the Druid Year