Peaceful Earth Grove
A Druid gathering on the Isle of Wight
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The Peaceful Earth Druid Grove has a number of Artists and Crafters whose creative work is featured here. To contact the Artist or Crafter for enquiries and commissions, please use the Contact Form at the "Contact Us" tab at this website. Your request will be passed to the Artist or Crafter. Thereafter, the Peaceful Earth Grove accepts no liability for any matters arising from your transactions with the Artist or Crafter.
Copyright of the art or craft depicted here is retained by the originator Artist or Crafter.
Earth Woodcarver - Using reclaimed and recycled timber, driftwood and the wood from fallen trees from the ancient forests of the Isle of Wight, England, Earth Woodcarver creates unique works of art employing traditional methods. Earth Woodcarver also wood-turns bowls, platters and goblets as well as crafting staffs and wands.