Peaceful Earth Grove
A Druid gathering on the Isle of Wight
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Grove Druid

The Peaceful Earth Druid Grove
The Peaceful Earth Druid Grove formed at Samhuinn 2014. Our aim is to provide an inclusive gathering where all members take an active part in our Ceremonies within our friendly and welcoming Grove, focussing on the Spirituality of the Natural World.

Our Grove

We gather in an ancient forest on the Isle of Wight, where the Spirits are ever present and in honour of our Ancestors who walked these paths before us.

Our Altar - Alban Arthan (Winter Solstice) 2016 - Mistletoe, Ivy and Oak leaves, with candles to light in sequence to celebrate the returning Light as we stood in circle surrounded by majestic Oak trees and a large Holly tree.
 Our Altar - Lughnasadh 2017 - Celebrating the start of the first harvest.
 Mistletoe Ceremony - Alban Arthan 2018
The Ancient Forest
Secluded and vibrant with wild life including our lovely red squirrels and many indigenous species of plants.